AWAY FROM HOME is a series of small paintings I painted after a trip to
Venice, Rome, Bellaggio and San Giminiano in Italy. They are my reflections about how buildings are alive with a personality that makes them unique. They tell you stories of what went on inside of them over the years, they invite you in, they amuse and inspire to fantasize.

Sunrise over Capalbio, 2012 

oil on canvas, 8x8 inches

The House of the Clear Eye.  

2011. Oil on Canvas. 8x8 inches

House of Rituals 

2011. Oil on board. 6x6 inches

Natasha's Spirit House 

2010. Oil on Canvas. 8x8

The Foundation House in Bellaggio 

2011. Oil on canvas. 20x16 inches


Living next to each other by the se 

2011. Oil on canvas. 16x20 inches

The Butterfly House 

2010. Oil on board. 8x8 inches

I dreamt I was a cloud 

2010. Oil on canvas. 8x10 inches

Homes adjusting to extraordinary  

2010. Oil on canvas. 16x20 inches

The House of Feathers 

2010. Oil on canvas. 20x16 inches

Happy homes in Como 

2010. Oil on canvas. 10x8 inches

Landscape on the Giudecca 

2011. Oil on canvas. 16x20 inches

Dancing homes in San Giminiano 

2010. Oil on camvas. 10x10 inches